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Friday, June 29, 2012

Edgewood Home Sales

Here is the updated data on homes for sale in Edgewood. I am using Redfin because it allows you to search by neighborhood, but if you have any other ideas or ways to get listings or open houses please let me know!

Here is the link to the data in Redfin:

Edgewood has a very diverse housing stock with a wide range of sizes and prices. Right now the most expensive places listed is a new home in Chancellor's Row listed for $667,900 while the least expensive listing is a condo listed at $78,000. It seems that there continues to be a steady number of houses selling across the price ranges and there are quite a few pending sales that have yet to be posted. The overall number of houses in the neighborhood for sale continues to be low as of right now there are less then 10 places listed for sale not counting the new development at Chancellor's Row.

There are new sales posted.

613 Girard Street NE sold for $300,000 on April 6th
315 Evarts Street NE sold for $290,000 on April 10th
513 Montana Avenue NE sold for $375,000 on April 30th
210 Channing Street NE sold for $231,500 on April 30th
325 Franklin Street NE sold for $2,565,000 on May 4th
2429 3rd Street NE sold for $190,000 on May 8th
2408 2nd Street NE sold for $307,000 on May 30th
204 Adams Street NE sold for $225,000 on May 31st
2432 2nd Street NE sold for $322,400 on June 5th
2407 3rd Street NE sold for $170,000 on June 10th
3000 7th Street NE Unit sold for $142,000 on June 15th
234 Corwmwell Ter NE sold for $330,000 on June 15th
417 Evarts Street NE sold for $350,000 on June 15th

The Chancellor's Row development continues to be a high seller in the neighborhood having sold 147 homes as of June 10, 2012. The prices have adjusted again for some of the models as their listings have been recently updated.

There are currently no open houses listed. If you know of any please add the information to the comments section.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nice park NoMa, but where's the bike ramp?

Recently NoMa BID has released renderings for a park that they would like to build in the middle of L Street NE and they have also been circulating a petition asking for 18 million dollars from the city to help them add parks to NoMa.  First let me say that I love the NoMa BID- their movie nights, concerts, flowers and keeping the area clean.  However,  I have a couple of concerns.  The BID was created to accomplish all these things and you can tell how great the NoMa area is because of it.  Ward 5 does not have any BIDs and could really use that money to do many of the same improvements to Rhode Island Ave NE.  Also, when looking at the renderings for the park in the middle of L Street I do not see the new ramp that DDOT is working on that will go from the Met Branch Trail to L Street.  That ramp is needed as the stairs that are currently there are not adequate for biking traffic and were only meant to be temporary until a ramp was built.  With the new cycletracks coming to NoMa and the work on the Met Branch Trail connections up to Union Station it is very important that we ensure this ramp is built.  I am in favor of NoMa parks I just want to ensure that they do not interfere with the Met Branch Trail infrastructure.  Being able to enter and exit the Met Branch Trail on both M and L Street via ramp will greatly improve the riding experience from all directions, as well as, help relieve congestion as the trail grows in popularity.

Please check out the renderings of the proposed park here and let NoMa know they need to include the ramp to the Met Branch Trail!!