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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Un-zoned streets and Residential Parking Permits

I have been meaning to send a letter to the DC Council for a long time about not being able to purchase a residential zone parking permit since I live on an un-zoned street. Today I finally did it - I am sure I'm not the only one with this issue and that it is not even Edgewood specific. If you too feel the same way please send a letter to your council member and the at-large members.

Here is a link to the council's email addresses:

Here is my letter:

Dear Council Members,

I am writing on behalf of the non-zoned street constituency in Washington, D.C. I live on an un-zoned street and I fully understand the purpose of these streets in the city. I support keeping some streets un-zoned for guests, home service calls, etc.

However, I would like to have the option to purchase a residential parking zone sticker from the city’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Right now if you live on an un-zoned street you cannot purchase a residential parking zone sticker which means I cannot park on any other street than my own (even if it is less than 50 feet from my house!) for more than two hours. This becomes especially difficult during the days we have street cleaning as parking is essentially cut in half.

I see allowing residents on un-zoned streets the OPTION of purchasing a residential parking zone sticker as a triple win – keeps un-zoned streets, extra income for the city, and allows all residents in an area equal parking opportunities.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


  1. My street is un-zoned and it has a morning rush hour restriction. DDoT will let you get a RPP, but you have to go through the petition process. You need 51% of the residents on your block to sign the petition. I'm pretty sure you can't live in an apartment either. I went through the process and was able to get RPPs for the houses on my block. There is only one person that handles this and they only do approvals once a quarter. If you get started now, you might get your sticker by August.

  2. I have seen that petition, but the problem is that requires you to get your street zoned and then everyone HAS to get the RPP. I want the street to remained un-zoned, but the option of getting a RRP allowed.

  3. It could be because of the rush hour restriction, but my street still isn't zoned. RPP works on a block by block basis, so your entire street still won't be zoned. Good luck going through the DC Council.