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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shots Fired in Edgewood Last Weekend

Early Saturday morning, March 19th, there were shots fired on Adams Street NE. Fortunately there were no injuries, but anytime a gun is fired in a neighborhood so close to many homes it is scary. This time it hit a new level as a bullet entered one of our neighbors home. Please take this as a reminder to call 911 anytime you see or hear something that you think is suspicious or could escalate into something more serious. The MPD was able to catch the shooter and recover his gun because they were nearby and I am thankful for all the officers that serve our neighborhood! Please remember to thank them and to look out for each other!

Here are some accounts from neighbors.

From a neighbor on Adams Street:

Two large groups of teenagers/young men hanging out on my street have some kind of beef, shots fired. One captured right away. One hides gun behind a trash can (recovered).

From neighbor where bullet went into her home:

There was a shooting at Adams & 3rd NE at I think about 1:30 am. The police got there within seconds and caught the suspect immediately. I am not sure about victims, but a stray bullet made its way into my apartment (I'm at the 4th St end of Adams) so the detective & officer who caught the suspect came up to take a look and take some pictures. The detective said that basically there is a group in Edgewood and a group in Eckington and they have a longstanding turf battle going on. The police have been watching this area and will be putting extra patrols on for the next couple of months in response to the shooting, but they expect things to heat up in the summer as I suppose they are wont to do. The detective said things usually occur in the later hours and to be particularly careful out at night as summer gets closer. Not that staying in helps when the bullets are coming into your home, but I take his point. He also said that these gang-involved kids just keep cycling in and out of the system and back onto the street, and I just got the sense that they are trying to do their jobs but there are a lot of factors out of their control and they feel unable to keep up.

The detective and all the officers we talked to over the course of the night were really great, and between that and the almost immediate response to the shooting, all things considered I feel very positive about the police in our precinct and what they are trying to do.

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