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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bars, Alarm, Both?

I received an email from a soon to be neighbor (welcome to Edgewood!) about companies to use for security bars on windows.  I have heard that a couple of companies are good, but I decided to go with an alarm system and not do any bars on my windows.  I know that some people feel more comfortable with one or the other or both.  I figured dogs and an alarm were enough for me (knock on wood)!

Here are the two companies that I have seen recommended:

Northeast Iron Works

J&L Ornamental Iron Works

Has anyone in the neighborhood used them?  Or do you recommend someone else?  I have seen one of the newly renovated houses on the 300 block of Bryant has installed an iron tree design as their security bars - art and security combined which is really cool.


  1. YK Welding (located near Gallaudet) did a great job for us on our window bars. They look great and the price was very reasonable.

    We also did a self-installed alarm with no monitoring company. A little more up front cost, but no monthly charges and no obligation to a company for the equipment. The system just sounds a very loud alarm and calls our cell phones when triggered.

  2. I'm actually the one who sent in this request to the blog and i just wanted to say thanks to the mods for throwing my question out there and for the recommendations, we'll definitely check them out! The house on the 300 block of Bryant mentioned in this post is actually our future neighbors. We're only going to be a couple houses down from them (sorry for the big dumpster taking up 3+ parking spaces on Bryant and all the construction noise if you live on that block of Bryant!). My fiance and I have made a mental note to ask the house with the 'decorative' bars on it where they got them from becaues my fiance doesnt want to feel like 'we're living in a prison.' haha.