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Monday, July 18, 2011

[MPD-5D] Summer vacation--​watch your house

Please see the messge below from MPD about notifying them when you go on vacation.  I wish I had this information before I went on mine!

All: As many residents leave for summer vacations, the Fifth District will be instituting a program where you can call or email us to let us know if you will be away from DC during a vacation.   If you provide us the dates you will be away and provide us a local contact person, we will have our officers ride by your home when possible to keep an eye on things. This is not a guarantee of any sort, but we will compile a list of homes and try to check on them as often as we can. Please email your PSA lieutenant, or me, or call 698-0111 during business hours, with your request. Obviously, we tell you not to send us this information on any group-wide email.

Your PSA lieutenants are:
501            Lts. Ron Wright ( Roger Roch (
502            Lt. Ed Bernat (
503            Lt. Corinne Hughes (
504            Lts. Patricia Janifer ( and Tim Haselden (
505            Lt. Gary Durand. (

Thank you,
Andy SolbergCommander, 5D

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