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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Metropolitan Police - PSA 501 Meeting Summary

For those of you not on the neighborhood listserv I wanted to share these notes from last week's PSA501 meeting from our neighbor to the south. 

Metropolitan Police - PSA 501 Meeting Summary

Several Officers from MPD met with concerned community members during the normally scheduled PSA meeting on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at the Harry Thomas Recreation Center.

Topics discussed included:

·Homicide at Lincoln Rd. NE – the victim was a well known criminal from the Trinidad Area. MPD believes that the victim may had been responsible for some of the robberies that had been taking place in our area. The case is still under investigation and MPD continue to seek our any information from potential witnesses.
·Shooting at the 200 Q St NW. The shooting took place at the same location of a previous shooting earlier this year. It is possible that the shooting was drug related. If any neighbors have any further information or may have a security camera that may have recorded something, MPD would like to hear from you.
·Robberies have increased recently but are still lower than last year. Many robberies are taking place along N. Capitol St and Florida Avenue area. Usually people walking home from work or the metro. MPD urge residents to please not be distracted on their cell phones, texting, or reading email while walking home. Be aware of surroundings and avoid walking with head sets on that may prevent you from listening someone approaching. ·Burglaries – appears that the individuals doing some of the robberies in the evening are also carrying our the burglaries during the day. Remember to keep your windows locked, doors secured and valuables out of the front and back yard where they can be stolen. Also, please remember to lock your bicycles and remove the seat if possible.
·Arrests – MPD has conducted several arrests of burglaries in progress. 20 minutes prior to the PSA meeting, an arrest was made on Florida and N. Capitol St from a robbery in progress. MPD has also been conducting arrests for public urination, possession of open alcohol containers as well as trespassing.
·Focus – MPD is increasing bike patrols in the area. Currently, there are about 6 police officers on bike patrol, that number will be increased. Bike patrols will allow MPD to focus on the alleys and on groups hanging out in dark alleys during the day and night. MPD will also be adding additional resources to PSA 501 to focus on key areas (Truxton Circle). This weekend is also All Hands On Deck as well.
·Community Partnership – a member of the community suggested MPD doing more outreach to meet community residents. MPD suggested community restarting safety walks. Safety walks were successful this summer in bringing out neighbors and MPD and getting neighbors and officers acquainted. This is the fall season and great time for walks, so we hope neighbors will join us in staring neighborhood walks twice a week again.
·5th District Police Citizen’s Advisory Council Awards Dinner – on Thursday, October 27th, please join us to honor the men and women of the 5th District Police. The Awards Dinner will take place at the Navy Yard starting at 6:30pm. Tickets are $40.  

Geovani A. Bonilla
Bates Area Civic Association

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