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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Special ANC 5C Meeting Tonight

There is a special ANC 5C meeting tonight and it was brought to my attention there is an item that looks suspiciously like the 4th Street NE "Gateway" project on the agenda even though it is not specifically named or given identifying information.  This is beyond troubling to me as that project team has not attempted any community outreach beyond attending a couple of minimally attended community meetings.  With all of the press and attention that other development projects get in the area it is really important that we come together and demand the best project possible for our neighborhood.  That said if you can attend tonight please do so and let the ANC know your concerns with the project.

Personally, I would like more retail and to ensure that the building is as green as possible.  At the last meeting I saw the project team had added a little more retail so it went from roughly 3,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet.  I think it could get even better.  Other neighbors have expressed concerns with parking that I do not think have been addressed.  The building design is still not the most attractive or open for adding to the streetscape.  I also think that they should buy the neighboring liquor store out and include that lot in the development.  I think it is really important that they get more feedback from the neighbors who live in the area.

There is also the issue of the project being 100% affordable housing.  Many neighbors are not supportive of this idea.  It was requested of the project team if it must be 100% affordable housing then they make it condos instead of apartments.  While I am not opposed to affordable housing it is very apparent the quality of the building that you get is inferior when it is 100% affordable housing versus a market rate building with a smaller percent affordable.  I would like this project to be the beginning of a transformation of the commercial corridor of 4th Street and Rhode Island Ave NE and feel that we need the best possible project we can get for our neighborhood.


  1. I've lived in Edgewood since purchasing a property in 2009. I agree with your assessment of the proposed 100% affordable housing development. Located on Edgewood Street between 4th and 6th Streets NE, Edgewood Terrace Phases I, II, III, and IV encompass 11 buildings with 792 units of affordable housing according to the Community Preservation and Development Corporation ( We are in dire need of market rate apartments in Edgewood, not more affordable units. Further, the blighted Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center will become even sadder when Sav-A-Lot moves into the old Safeway space. Its unfortunate that the shopping center's management doesn't have higher aspirations for the neighborhood, but simply filling their run-down space with more crap.

  2. Edgewood does not need anymore public housing. period. The majority of the crime and blight is directly caused by the current stock of free housing for those without jobs, goals or ambitions. Monroe Street Market, Rhode Island Row, and McMillan are all positive steps in the right direction transforming North Edgewood and its borders into a safe destination. The model of clustering the poor in ghettos has not and does not work for the betterment of the poor or the neighborhoods themselves.