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Friday, August 3, 2012

Biking in Edgewood and Beyond

The evolution of my life with a bicycle began as it did for many children with a tricycle and then the upgrade to a two-wheeler with training wheels.  I will never forget the first day I rode without the training wheels as I donned a cape and was simultaneously angry and excited when I realized that my dad had let go and I was riding on my own!  As a child I rode my bike with my friends everywhere- to each other's houses, to the pool and to the store.  We never really thought about it as transportation just as freedom to go where we wanted without adults and mostly fun.  Once I got my driving license the car became our freedom as we could travel further and faster leaving my bike behind.  In college I was able to walk everywhere and that became my main method of transportation.  They also made all the buses free in Chapel Hill while I was there so riding the bus was the best and cheapest way to travel further distances. 

When I moved up to the DC area after school for a job I fell in love with being able to walk or take public transportation everywhere.  I bought a new bike, but this time it was a road bike for exercise.  I would ride with my boyfriend for the sole purpose of working out.  Then I moved into DC proper and decided to go carfree.  A few years later Capital Bikeshare came and I joined right away.  I have grown to realize that biking in the city was not as scary as I thought it was once I was not clipped into my road bike's pedals.  I still plan out my routes well in advance, try to use bike lanes or paths as much as possible and ask other cyclists' advice on the best way to go.  In Edgewood we are really lucky to have the Met Branch Trail allowing the beginning and end of most bike trips to be off road.  This year I bought my own city bike with a basket for my dog and now we ride everywhere.  So it looks like I have come full circle with my biking as I now use it once again for transportation and freedom.  I have been reminded of how much fun a bike ride with friends can be just like it was as a child.  I am constantly asking neighbors if they bike and want to go on various rides.

In fact there are two rides this weekend that I and some Edgewood neighbors will be doing.  Please send me an email if you want to join us!

Tonight leaving Edgewood at 7:30 p.m. to do the BicycleSpace Kingman Island Ride and Luau

Sunday leaving Edgewood around 1:00 p.m. to do the Lion Ride in Anacostia.

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