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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!! Shaed and Edgewood Recreation Center

I ask for all of my neighbors to write to our Mayor and Councilmembers to ask them to support what we have been asking for for years for the Edgewood community.

Please feel free to use my email below to help you with yours!  The more voices they hear from the less likely the will continue to ignore us!

Send your email to these people:;,,,,,,,,

Here is my email:

I wanted to write to you to ask for your help with two community concerns in my neighborhood. The Edgewood Recreation Center is a field house with little to no programming and inadequate facilities for the size of our community. For years community groups have advocated for improved facilities and programming at the Edgewood Recreation Center, but the closest we have come to funding was a few years ago when the money was added to the budget and then taken from us and given to another recreation center. A few years ago DCPS decided to shutter our neighborhood school, Shaed Elementary, during their reconciliation efforts. Since then it has remained an empty, neglected building in the middle of our neighborhood.

These two neighborhood issues can be used together to create a solution for both problems and enhance our neighborhood. By using the Shaed Elementary building to create a community and recreation center for the Edgewood neighborhood a true community amenity could be created ridding us of an abandoned building and fixing the lack of resources created by taking the money from the center in previous budgets. Working together with different DC government agencies and non-profits something truly special could be created in our neighborhood that could attract residents from throughout the city. Different programming for all ages and abilities would allow for the building of community and individual development at the same time which should be the goal of any One City venture. Exercise classes, dance classes, sports programming, after school tutoring, job training, community meeting space, computer classes, music classes, health clinics, cooking classes, art classes- I could go on and on with the options.,

Please consider adding funding to the budget to help make this vision a reality fixing the neglect that has occurred over the years and replacing it with something the whole city can enjoy and be a source of pride.

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