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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rhode Island Avenue NE Streetscape Comments Due TOMORROW

Please make sure to submit your feedback and suggestions to DDOT for the use of the Streetscape grant money for chnages to the sidewalks, curbs and medians along Rhode Island Avene NE. This is especially important as there is limited funding and they are not going to be able to make improvements for all of Rhode Island Ave NE. We need to ensure our voice is heard and the section of between 4th Street NE and the metro is a priority area for improvement. They will be accepting comments thru tomorrow after that they will review and the feedback they have received to guide them on segment selection. The slide presentation from the meeting can be seen on this link:

For more information see this post from a neighbor who went to the meeting:

Hello neighbors, this is actually my first time posting on the site. I am writing to encourage you to email the Department of Transportation (DDOT) regarding the upcoming Streetscape improvements of Rhode Island Ave NE. I went to the public meeting last evening on DDOT's Streetscape program. For those who have not heard, DDOT has received approximately $3 million dollars to improved the streetscapes along Rhode Island Ave NE. I know some of you are in Bloomingdale, but your neighbors to the east could use your help and support right now! 
The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is undertaking a study of Rhode Island Avenue, NE between 4th Street, NE to Eastern Avenue, NE. Corridor-wide proposals will concentrate on creating a pedestrian friendly environment with amenities such as enhanced paving, site furnishings, lighting improvements, low impact development or ‘green street’ features, medians, street trees and other “green” spaces. As part of this project, DDOT is asking the community to help them identify focus areas within this 28-block study area. Detailed plans will be developed for these focus areas. 

Here is where last evening comes into play. Due to the limited funds they are planning on choosing 2 4 block areas of RI Ave NE to be completely redone. In the meeting they intimated that the areas of the corridor who they hear from the most will most likely be the areas picked for the work to be performed. They are accepting feedback from residents until next Thursday the 19th of December. 
Here is what I am asking everyone on this site to do. Please EMAIL the project and let them know you would like them to focus on the area from 4th St NE to the Rhode Island Avenue Metro. You can also provide details of things within this area you would like to see done when you send your email. Remember this is only about the streetscape, not economic development, buildings, etc. Examples of details could be more trashcans, improved lighting, new sidewalks, more trees, improved safety of the underpass to get to the RI Ave metro, etc. The more residents we get to do this, the more likely they are to pick our area of RI Ave as one of the areas that get a facelift! 
The website for this project Near the bottom of the page you will see the link: Contact This is where you can email and request they focus on OUR area of RI ave NE! 
Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy email. I know it's a lot of information, but I also believe we have an unprecedented opportunity to drastically improve the Edgewood and Eckington part of RI Ave NE! Spread the word about the website and the email Don't forget all feedback must be received by next Thursday the 19th of December.
Let's work together and make sure our voices are heard and they choose the area of 4th St NE east to the metro to be one of the areas which are improved! 

P.S.- Here is an example of what I am going to email. Feel free to copy and past this if you like, making the necessary changes where needed, but I would encourage you to add your own ideas of what improvements you would like to see as well. 

Gabriela (or whomever else it may concern from DDOT), 
I am writing to strongly encourage you to consider the area of 4th St NE to the Rhode Island Avenue Metro as one of the focus areas for the upcoming Streetscape Project. This is a very heavily used pedestrian area of RI Ave NE for people getting to and from residential areas west of the metro as well as those who are walking to the amenities of the newly developed Rhode Island Row. Some specific examples of issues I would love to see corrected is improved sidewalks, improved lighting and increased safety of the underpass to get to the Rhode Island Avenue Metro. If some sort of barrier could be build between the narrow sidewalk and the road in the underpass that would really help with the safety of pedestrians along the busy avenue. I know all areas of Rhode Island Ave NE need improvements, but I feel this area in particular has the most density of usage and could benefit the most from this Streetscape improvement project. Thank you for your consideration of the area of 4th St NE to the Rhode Island Ave Metro as one of the focus areas. 

(your name here)

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