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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ward 5 Community Calendar

Please see this message from fellow Ward 5 resident about a calendar he created to help all of us keep track of the many meetings and events around our ward.

Dear friends and fellow Ward 5ers:

I was having a hard time keeping track of all the community meetings and events in Ward 5, so I thought I would try to help the situation by creating a community calendar:

I've got it loaded with all the events I've seen come across the listservs I belong to, but there's a good chance I've missed some things. To submit events to the calendar, just email (or cc on your announcement) to I update it manually, so please forgive any delay in posting.

I'll continue to pull events from listservs as I see them, and I hope to get it set up so people can submit their own events without me having to do it, but for now this is the system I've got. (and I don't expect that people will immediately stop hitting all the ward listservs with event reminders, but hopefully over time that may become less necessary)

Please forward this on to other folks/listservs you know who might be interested. And if you've got suggestions or other thoughts, I'd love to hear them either here on my gmail or at


Nolan Treadway
22nd NE and Lawrence NE

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