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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ward 5 Redistricting and Edgewood

In case you have missed it there has been a series of posts on Greater Greater Washington the past three days on the Ward 5 redistricting maps and process.  I encourage everyone to read them and comment.

Yesterday they posted a map which the authors of the posts thought would be best for the new ANCs and SMDs in Ward 5.  They have grouped Edgewood with Eckington, Truxton Circle, Bates-Hanover and Bloomingdale.  I think that Edgewood would be better served to be in the same ANC as Brookland.  There are so many projects and developments on the Edgewood/Brookland border and Edgewood is constantly left out of the process.  Many residents in Edgewood think they live in Brookland.  I think that if we were in the same ANC it would allow the Edgewood neighborhood to have better representation and stop the overuse of the Brookland name for the projects/developments that are partially or even wholly in the Edgewood neighborhood.

The thing that I do really like is that Edgewood now has 3 SMDs that are pretty much all in its neighborhood boundaries. This is really a great thing for the neighborhood as before my SMD was half Eckington and half Edgewood in a weird "Z" shape across Rhode Island Avenue NE.  I think that it would also help the Ward 5 ANCs be more even in size and give all of them an odd number of SMDs if Edgewood was with ANC 5C.

Geoffrey Hatchard was kind enough to provide me with a map for this post.  The three Edgewood SMDs are a darker green/blue between the blue ANC 5B and the green ANC 5C.  My thoughts are that we would be better off with the green ANC 5C, but I would really like to hear from fellow Edgewood neighbors on what they think.

What do you think?  Please state in the comments your feelings on where Edgewood should end up in this redistricting process.  Also please email our council member your thoughts and attend the meeting when it is announced.


  1. Edgewood has been thrown under the bus in the city's rush to enrich big landowners and developers, and Brookland was mobilized to provide "citizen" support. It would be really interesting if Brookland and Edgewood were combined politically, and there was some effort made for change to benefit ALL of the people.

    Linda on Lawrence

  2. As a resident of eastern Edgewood, in the Chancellor's Row development, I agree that I think we would be better served by being included with Brookland. In just makes more sense since I think most of Edgewood's growth will come from the eastern side that borders Brookland.

    Since the western side of edgewood is more steady I am curious if those on the west side of Edgewood would agree.