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Monday, March 26, 2012

More Development Coming to Edgewood?

As projects around the neighborhood are getting completed it looks like H Street Development Corporation is finally trying to move forward on the development of the big, ugly, empty lot on 4th Street NE near Rhode Island Avenue NE.  I talked to them and they said that they have no groundbreaking dates or details as they are currently "in discussions" with lawyers and financiers.  The project has been added to their website again with no extra details.  It originally was planned to have underground parking, street level retail and housing on the upper floors which looks like at least 8 floors from the drawing on the website.  That height would make it the tallest building in that area and I wonder how that would play out in the community.  I like the concept and hope they keep it although I would love to hear more details!


  1. Have you contacted both Foria and the Rhode Isand Avenue Task Force about this? They can help you move forward with community meetings so the community can be involved with this development effort. I remember reading a post saying that Trader Joes would be put in that location. I'm sure the community would welcome this.

  2. Exciting news, thanks for the update!
    Sounds like H Street Development has some grand ideas, and I for one -- while skeptical about what will happen, and when -- welcome dense investment in that totally underutilized spot near Metro, tons of buses, and Bikeshare.
    The triangular parcel is suitable for a tall mixed-use project because it's on relatively low ground, is surrounded by parking lots and small businesses, and probably wouldn't affect our "skyline" much differently from the Edgewood Terrace high rises, or even the RIA Metro's tall new parking garage.