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Thursday, October 14, 2010

DCBIA Met Branch Trail Project

The DCBIA work on the Edgewood section of the trail is very close to completion and you should check it out if you have not yet. On October 2nd there were close to 500 volunteers cleaning out the area and planting. I was there for the whole day and it was amazing to see the amount of trash and debris that was removed - many, many truck loads. The project implementation was continued by professionals that week and a second smaller group of volunteers on the following Saturday. I really want to thank DCBIA and all of the volunteers for adding such a great amenity to our community. I was able to volunteer both Saturdays and met a lot of great people that are working on other projects in our community. I was told by the Bozzuto crew that the Rhode Island Station project is coming along nicely.

The finished project is full of edible and fruit bearing plants and will be joined by fruit trees to be planted by Casey Trees this December. I believe that close to 5,000 plants were added with this project. I hope that everything will grow, thrive and become a destination spot for our neighborhood.

Here is a link to the news story:,000-newly-planted-trees-beautify-the-district-100410

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