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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

J. Jioni Palmer ANC Candidate 5C08 Letter to Neighbors

Dear neighbor,

Too often the crackle of gunfire, the trafficking of drugs and prostitutes, home burglaries and robberies violate our sense of security and undermine our quality of life. Making our community safe is one of my top priorities.

While the District of Columbia is experiencing the lowest rates of crime in a generation, the reality is that in too many neighborhoods in our great city continue to experience the devastating loss of human life to violence and property crimes.
By no means are the root causes of the crime plaguing our community one dimensional.

In fact, the sources are many. Inadequate conflict resolution skills, diminished economic opportunities, lack of parental and civic engagement, educational attainment and mental health issues are just some of the factors that play part in perpetuating the cycle of crime and violence.

The brave men and women of the Metropolitan Police Department continue to do an admirable job preventing crime, responding to incidents and working to strengthen the relationships with our community. However, there is always more that can be done, and as members of the Edgewood community we must all do our part.

As your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I will take the following immediate steps to address public safety in the Edgewood Community:

· Work with neighbors, community leaders and police to aggressively address crime by employing holistic solutions
· Attend Police Service Area (PSA) meetings
· Provide timely reports to police concerning emerging hotspots
· Petition the DC government to repave and improve lighting in more alleys

While the issues fueling the cycle of crime violence are many and complex, we can have a positive effect reversing them by engaging in a neighborhood conversation, sharing insights about emerging hotspots and strengthening our community’s relationship with the Metropolitan Police Department.

By working together as neighbors we can make Edgewood an even stronger community. There is no challenge too tough or problem too difficult when we work together. I ask for your support in this campaign for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, because together we can make a difference.

J. Jioni Palmer
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Candidate 5C08
cell: 202-680-9842

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