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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Edgewood ANC Commissioner Elections and Speeches

Edgewood ANC Commissioner Elections are fast approaching and at the Edgewood Civic Association meeting on Monday they were invited to come and give a speech on why they are running. While there are really only two ANC5C commissioner Single Member Districts (SMD) that are entirely in Edgewood there are three others that have at least a part of their SMD in Edgewood. Only a small number of those running were able to make the meeting and I am not sure if that was due to prior commitments or last minute notifications. I thought I should still share the speeches that I was able to record by those in attendance.

Here are the SMDs that involve Edgewood and the candidates:


Current Commissioner Mary-Ellen Farmer-Allen (not in attendance, husband made speech)

Challenger Darin Allen


Current Commissioner Barry Daneker (not in attendance)

Challenger James Fournier


Current Commissioner Marshal Phillips (withdrew from election)

Challenger J. Jioni Palmer


Current Commissioner Silas Grant (running unopposed and emailed to say he was unable to attend due to prior commitments)


Current Commissioner Tim Day (running for Ward 5 city council and no one is formally running for this seat)

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