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Friday, February 25, 2011

Edgewood Farmer's Market

This year Edgewood is getting a Farmer's Market at the Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center in the parking lot between the CVS and the Met Branch Trail. While there has been discussion that this is not the most attractive location it is definitely an accessible one. It is located off of the trail, near the metro and there is plenty of parking. The plan is for market to be on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and to start the first weekend in April. There are still negotiations ongoing with the shopping center, so a firm date cannot be announced yet. I know that when I talked to the center about what would be replacing the Safeway they stated that it would impact if there could or could not be a farmer's market. I am wondering if this means that a discount grocer or a non-food store will soon be filling that space.

Here is the press release:

Premier Community Development Corporation

For Immediate Release: Contact: Hazel Bland Thomas
February 24, 2011 (202) 491-9245

Premier Community Development Corporation (PCDC) annouced today that PCDC members anticipate opening the PCDC Edgewood/Woodridge Farmer's Market at 4th & Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center starting inApril 2011. The Saturday market will seek to provide Edgewood residents and, especially senior citizens, with an option to buy fresh, local produce. The community unfortunately lost its Safeway last year at the very time that Georgetown had a champagne re-opening of its long-celebrated "Social Safeway."

PCDC has been working with community leaders, elected officials and the property management to establish aFarmers Market opposite the CVS in the shopping center - to at a minimum- provide residents with a source of fresh fruits, vegetables and bakery items.

For more information about the PCDC Edgewood/Woodridge Farmers Market, Premier CDC or to volunteer, please contact Hazel Thomas at (202) 491-9245 or Michael Byfield at (202) 679-2712.

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  1. The market start date is now set for the first weekend in June.