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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Edgewood: Man Posing as Pepco Employee

Please see the message from our neighbor about an encounter with a man posing as a Pepco employee today. I remember reading about cases like this over the summer in other parts of the city, but this is the first I have heard about in Edgewood. Please be cautious!

Here is the message:

Be on the lookout, there's a guy in the neighborhood posing as a Pepco employee trying to get in people's houses. I called 911 but I'm not sure they were able to get to the guy. I live at 3rd and Bryant St, NE, not sure how much ground he's covering. Here's what happened:

As I was heading back up my front walk after walking my dog this morning I was approached by an African-American male, mid-40s about 5"3 wearing a bright orange polo shirt with a pretty fake looking Pepco patch and tan Pepco hat, carrying some sort of electrical box and a flashlight. He told me he was here to come in the house to read the meter. I immediately thought it was strange because I hadn't heard from Pepco about them needing to come to the house, plus I saw no truck. I asked him for identification. He went into his wallet kind of showed his drivers' license and then said he didn't have an ID because it was his first day. I told him to come back when he has ID, he muttered something about putting a "refuse service" on my account and walked up 3rd St.

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