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Thursday, June 2, 2011

ICYMI: Rhode Island Station is now Rhode Island Row

In case you missed it I have been meaning to post that Rhode Island Station has been re-branded as Rhode Island Row.  I preferred the old name, but I heard they thought it was confusing with the metro station.  The website has changed to and it is not as detailed as the previous website.  The website says that they are opening this summer and the default date on the residency inquiry is June 16th.  I don't think they will be done by then although the metro parking garage is looking very close to completion.

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  1. I could see walking by the other day that the units in the one building that's totally encased had drywall, vents, and sprinklers installed. They also finished the exterior on the back of that building. Makes me think that they're going to move people in in SERIOUS shift (like partial buildings, rather than building one and then building two). I don't know if I'd want to live there with THAT much construction around me, but I do hope they have it done for the "fall move-in rush."