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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Met Branch Trail Safety Response From MPD

Dear MBT Community,

First, I apologize for the delay in responding, I've been on vacation for the last week,

Next let me apologize on behalf of MPD for the comment that an officer reportedly made advising a victim to avoid using the trail. That is neither the Department's position, nor mine, and I have been on record here encouraging people to use the trail - as I myself do - and I will continue to do so. I'm also addressing this issue with all of my officers.

I will continue to advise the members of this group of any occurrences on the trail. In analyzing the recent crimes, it is correct that in the past most issues were north of Rhode Island Ave. in the Edgewood area; however, these events in the last few weeks have been south of Rhode Island Ave.

I am attaching several maps that show robberies and assaults occurring within 200 feet of the trail, 300 feet, and in the area as a whole in the last 60 days to give some perspective on these events (these maps were pulled on June 3rd).

As far as the "address" of the trail, our dispatchers should be able to recognize the MBT and dispatch to it. Their systems have been updated and I understand they are in the process of training all operators. I believe they need a cross street for an exact location – this is the same process they use for our interstate highways that don't have a "proper" address.

We do have signs showing those streets that intersect with the trail; however, there are some portions where the trail does not physically intersect and we are working on ideas to get those areas marked properly.

The location, description, and M.O. of the assailants leads us to believe that these crimes were perpetrated by single suspect / group of suspects. We have identified some persons of interest and are currently investigating. We will also continue enhanced patrol of the trail and are working on implementing an additional action plan.

Finally let me say that I am very encouraged by the dedication to the trail that this community has shown, and I hope you continue to work proactively to improve it. Please continue to reach out to me and MPD with any ideas, suggestions, concerns, or requests.

Sgt. J. Dorrough, MPD, 5th District, PSA 501

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  1. Looking at the maps provided it seems to me that as a community we have a crime problem that is not centered on the Met Branch Trail at all, but spread throughout our neighborhoods.